Personal Growth

On Conquering the Inner Demon

(Photo by Ivan Karasev) The best way out is always through. -Robert Frost A month ago I had a tiny little incident with my blog. It was hacked and I was bullied. By God’s grace the matter got sorted quickly. No hard feelings, and peace to one and all.

On Taking SMALL Risks!

(Photo by Jeromy Bishop Whenever the word “risk” pops in my head, my brain starts thinking in terms of Bollywood. Immediately Deepika Padukone flashes before my eyes: on her way to Manali. And Ranbir Kapoor running on a road for a story or going after some blonde chick in an exotic foreign location.

And it Begins…!

(Photo by Carsten Stalljohann) Once upon a time in a cliché filled world, I had been living like Rupunzel in her tower. ( Not really. If you go by Tangled, Rupunzel was way too productive. I- not so much.) Every morning, I woke up to a bright new day; wondering, when will my life begin?