My Poems

Becoming Mother

(Photo by Manuel Schinner ) She sat cautiously in her mom’s armchair. Playing lovingly, with her pretty brown hair. She watched herself in the reflecting mirror. No, it yet can’t detect the sign of her grave error.

Born to Fly

(Photo by Sam Bark ) “Out of the nest don’t step out, What plans do you nurse by gazing about? It will be futile, if you even try, My dear Eagle, don’t dream to fly!

Dark Light’s Path

(Photo by Dan Gold) A corpse the world has turned into, Without any ray of light. Procrastination rules in the works to do, Where love had just taken root, grew fight.


(Photo by John Fowler) When sleep blesses the world with wisdom, Day takes back his light; Life begins in my kingdom, With alluring magic comes Night. She moves by In her royal robes.

Ambitious Pearl

(Photo by Natalia Figueredo ) I have stepped into an abyss, jumped away from all light. And there in, something’s burning, something’s burning red bright.

Unrequited Love

(Photo by Kristen Wyman) A nightingale sang every night, A song for her beloved. Her love every night grew deep.

The Stream

(Photo by Sandra Ahn Mode) I am flowing towards my dream, Casting behind all fears and screams. I am flowing forward for the best, I am flowing stronger than the rest.

The lamp Post

(Photo by Landon Martin ) Straight he stands On the left of the street. Everyone who passes, them loving he greets.