From Reading to Cleaning: An Unexpected Path to Mental Peace

The wind blowing from the window makes my skin shrink in pain. Winters aren’t morning-friendly. I juggle various chores, struggling, groggy and lazy. The routine yet moves at a slow pace and then it gets a speed boost. I turn all the vessels upside down, frantically searching for my lunch box. After countless search attempts,I…

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Ambitious Pearl

(Photo by Natalia Figueredo ) I have stepped into an abyss, jumped away from all light. And there in, something’s burning, something’s burning red bright.

On Taking SMALL Risks!

(Photo by Jeromy Bishop Whenever the word “risk” pops in my head, my brain starts thinking in terms of Bollywood. Immediately Deepika Padukone flashes before my eyes: on her way to Manali. And Ranbir Kapoor running on a road for a story or going after some blonde chick in an exotic foreign location.

Fundamental techniques in Dealing with People

) People skills are among my most favourite skills. There are some super humans out there who can talk to almost everybody and anybody.They can have long conversations with ease and comfort.They are so good at dealing with people that others are eager to talk to them. People are eager to work with them.