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Becoming Mother

(Photo by Manuel Schinner ) She sat cautiously in her mom’s armchair. Playing lovingly, with her pretty brown hair. She watched herself in the reflecting mirror. No, it yet can’t detect the sign of her grave error.

From Reading to Cleaning: An Unexpected Path to Mental Peace

The wind blowing from the window makes my skin shrink in pain. Winters aren’t morning-friendly. I juggle various chores, struggling, groggy and lazy. The routine yet moves at a slow pace and then it gets a speed boost. I turn all the vessels upside down, frantically searching for my lunch box. After countless search attempts,I…

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Born to Fly

(Photo by Sam Bark ) “Out of the nest don’t step out, What plans do you nurse by gazing about? It will be futile, if you even try, My dear Eagle, don’t dream to fly!

Dark Light’s Path

(Photo by Dan Gold) A corpse the world has turned into, Without any ray of light. Procrastination rules in the works to do, Where love had just taken root, grew fight.

Wings of the Brain

Hello there! One usual day I was going through my whats app stories when I came across a refreshing pattern of colours.


(Photo by John Fowler) When sleep blesses the world with wisdom, Day takes back his light; Life begins in my kingdom, With alluring magic comes Night. She moves by In her royal robes.

My favourite Quotes: Brida

There is a strange kind of pleasure in reading. It could be a magazine, a newspaper or a romantic novel… whenever I pick a piece crafted of words magically woven into sentences to bring out meaning, I change a little. I am teleported to a crime scene, a castle in Winterfell or on Bakers Street…

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