Born to Fly

(Photo by Sam Bark )

Out of the nest don’t step out,

What plans do you nurse by gazing about?

It will be futile, if you even try,

My dear Eagle, don’t dream to fly!

The wounds you got are yet raw,

Your own destruction with bare eyes you saw.

You’ll never make it upto the sky,

My dear Eagle, don’t dream to fly!

It tempts you Love, with rootless bliss,

Big trap of sorrow in actual it is,

For your petty wings, it’s enormously high,

My dear Eagle, don’t dream to fly!

A lot it will hurt,

You’ll face storms and dirt,

Nobody will hear your painful sigh,

My dear Eagle, don’t dream to fly!

It’s burning heat,

whole Universe it lits,

It’s fire rays may compel you to die,

My dear Eagle, don’t dream to fly!

It might pain, I very well know.

But stability kills, I feel it so,

Maybe I will fail, but why not try?

Why Ma’am say, Shouldn’t I dare to fly?

I might fall at a dead post,

And remain a faint memory or a ghost,

But what if I succeed, and be able to reach it high?

Why, Ma’am tell, Shouldn’t I dare to fly?

My wings are weak, my body frail.

But my grit will surely blaze a trail.

I’ll reach upto the place and I’ll touch the sky.

Your Eagle says, Ma’am I am born to fly


(Pallavi D. Patel)

(Photo by Mathew Schwartz)
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  1. Pallavi D. Patel 25th December 2018 at 10:45 pm

    It’s most probably the last post of 2018, the last poem for this wonderful year. Honestly, it has been one hell of an year.

    Sharing poems especially has been difficult. My poems have been such a personal and vulnerable part of myself…I don’t even invite any views or feedback about them. Also they are difficult, and they have a mind of their own. I have never been able to force a poem out of me…(Trust me, I have tried).

    Sometimes I have wondered, why do I post poems? Yes, I like to share them, but mostly, I post them for myself. To allow my hopes and fears a space of expression, to connect with someone who might feel something similar.

    Mostly, they are useless. Yet they are here. Some negligible particles in the Universe of bright shining stars. Stubborn Weeds.

    If you have ever read even a small part of any of my poems- THANK YOU SO MUCH. You have made my existence worthwhile. You have made a difference. Gracious.😇

    1. Parimal Bakrola 26th December 2018 at 9:16 am

      Will be waiting for some more Next year 😃

  2. Aejal Patel 30th December 2018 at 8:25 pm

    Your poems inspire me,your words speak to me on numerous levels. The best thing about your poems is ‘They are not forced’,they are easy to understand and yet stand out so beautifully. Always eager to read more from you.

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