Sleep, Series & (My personal!) Struggle with Small Decisions

As a huge fan of self-development and personal improvement, I often look for books, videos and blogs which may contribute to my growth in one way or the other.

On one such quest for information, I came across the blog post NOT CHOOSING WILL MAKE YOU UNHAPPY… HERE’S HOW TO BE MORE DECISIVE by Derek Halpern.

It is a consise piece of information where he talks about different ways we can make decisions and avoid being controlled by our indecisiveness. You must go through it if you would like to dig deep.

Being a simple-minded person, my strategy is to start small and work my way up. So I set my focus on the small, seemingly insignificant decisions that I make in my day to day life.

Like every other young adult, I also like to console myself into thinking that I am a responsible person with proper control over my life.

But on going through my daily tasks in my head, I realized I am in for a surprise. Forget life, I din’t even have a day where I had my tasks or chores held together.

My indecisiveness saga started with the morning. I have four alarms which ring at different intervals of time. After the first one rings, I shut it off thinking to myself that I will get up with the next one. I only got out of the bed when I was sure that I am late for the day.
Result: My sleep got disturbed due to the multiple alarms, and I din’t even make it on time.



From which clothes to wear to what food to eat… deciding on one thing was almost impossible. And that’s how it continued throughout the day.

Due to these constant doubts, second-guessing and procrastinating to take a firm decision about simple things, I was becoming less productive day by day.

That was when I just knew I needed to learn a new personal skill. Here, it was the skill of making small decisions quickly.

So whenever I came across picking something or if I have to make a choice about something which is trivial and repetitive, I gave myself one single minute.

I push myself to pick one of the option within that one minute. After that, I just do  it. No procrastinating, no over thinking, no second guessing.

It has been a while since I started doing it. I have only one alarm now…(better sleep for sure). I have decided that I will watch no more than two episodes of any series in a day. I pick what I want to wear beforehand.

These things seem simple enough on surface, but I  sure had a hard time doing most of them.

But slowly, I started seeing the difference in two major ways.

1. It saves a lot of time.

Now I don’t spend hours in picking outfits or binge watching series because I can’t decide if I want to continue watching on or stop. I sleep when I should and multiple alarms are gone for good. One ring and I am up immediately. (It has also improved the quality of my sleep)

2. I feel more energized.

It could be just my personal experience, but all that indecisiveness was draining me physically. I felt constantly tired. I guess that as I stress less over trivial decisions, I am in a better state of mind which makes me feel energized.

So that was my experience with making small decisions.

Do any of you go through daunting dilemmas like “To watch or not to watch?” Or to “get up or hit snooze”?

Do you feel constantly tired of not being able to run the day as you want? Do share them with me if you do!



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  1. Parimal Bakrola 20th December 2018 at 7:49 pm

    I deal with indecisiveness all the time..
    Like when it says “To be Continued” at the end of One Piece’s episodes, i wonder if i should start another game of PUBG when someone kills me 7 seconds into the game because He/She landed first ( i deserve one more chance at that Chicken Dinner).
    Should i look Super Ugly today or should i look like i took a bath today in office, Should i complete that one course about Illustration or should i start another about that new emerging technology…

    This was a good advice Miss Pearl 😃

    1. Pallavi D. Patel 25th December 2018 at 10:52 pm

      It’s more of sharing an experience than *advice* Sir. But you can sure take it as a polite suggestion.😃

  2. Enjoyna benjamin valvi 20th December 2018 at 7:59 pm

    Ya the things u have wrote it’s really true ….which we have to follow in our life..thnkz fr sharing this lovely message to us

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